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Signboards and main entrance decoration according to signage policy

In good condition and in good quality

In our work we consider all legislation rules including Resolution of the Government of Moscow №902.

We can offer you all services to create nice and correct sign:

  • consultations from our registration specialists,
  • a design project for the legal design of the facade of the building,
  • the required authorization information,
  • concept coordination with the city authorities,
  • production of outdoor signboards,
  • installation works,
  • post production guaranties.

Some of our works

  • Signage for beauty studio
  • Signboard and logo on the facade
  • Outdoor wall signboard for a bakery
  • 3D glow sign board letters
  • Roof sign legitimation and production
  • Signs and entrance groups on rules
  • dressing of a sign and entrance group of beauty salon
  • Grocery store front sign
  • Glow sign board

Contact our managers
By phone +7 (495) 221-05-85
or request

The outdoor advertising environment has its rule, regulations and prohibitions.

Before advertising outdoors contact our advertising company and we absolutely free offer you:

  • a consultation on the possibility to realize your project;
  • a signage variant with a photographic binding of a signboard http://msk-reklama.com/main.mhtml?Part=22&PubID=1898 , that will comply to Resolution of the Government of Moscow №902;
  • а prior approval of the possibility of placing your signage in the MosComArchitecture (Moscow government);
  • a calculation of turnkey cost for your signage

If you have no facade design concept our specialists will develop it for you.

  • Facade decoration concept
  • Design project of shopping center signs
  • Project development of signs placement in business center

Specialists of our advertising and production company have been working in the outdoor advertising market for more than 20 years. Thousands of successfully implemented projects both in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation.

Outdoor sign boards. What is allowed and what is not?

(Take a look at several illustrations of GOVERNMENT Resolution No. 902-PP "On the deployment of information structures in the city of Moscow")

  • Sign board placement rules
  • Legal wall-mounted signboard
  • New rules for signboard placement in Moscow

(более подробная ИНФОГРАФИКА -> here)

Of course, you can solve all the problems yourself. But it will take more time and more money.

Allow professionals to do all the work for you.

Full service advertising agency. Signage and main entrance decoration in accordance with the law. What is allowed and what is not?

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